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The Lizardo is an American made exotic car with a European flair. It came about through the vision of Lazzaro Leal who wanted something different using the well proven fiero chassis. Lazzaro enlisted the help of Dan Wilkinson (fiberglass expert for fierofiberglass). Dan has more than 30 years experience in designing and building high end fiberglass boats from scratch as well as designing custom parts for cars.

The idea was to build a car that borrowed some of the features from the Lamborghini Gallardo and create a completely fresh design without it looking like some sort of replica. Dan added his own style while retaining the European look. The result is the Lizardo.

As a turnkey car the chassis is thoroughly checked out with new components added, such as suspension parts, brakes etc. It would come with the standard 2.8 V6 engine and original refurbished interior. The exception to this would be the sport seats that we supply. We also include Corvette tires and rims and of course, your choice of paint color. While as a true exotic car that looks like it should cost 100K, the base price is only 35K.

From this base car almost anything can be added. Any GM engine will fit into the chassis. We have a selection of interiors to choose from or a custom interior can be made. Power steering can also be added.

Our goal is to build a Lizardo that reflects as close as possible what the owner wants to see in his car. It can be the base car, one with all the extras or anything in between. It is a true exotic that is affordable, easy to maintain, fun to drive, and oh so much fun to be seen in. That's the Lizardo.

For less than turnkey options or for questions about having a Lizardo built for your taste, please email Dan Wilkinson at