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Sunroof Panel

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Sunroof Blank Out Panel

Fiero Sunroof PanelFiero Sunroof PanelFiero Sunroof PanelFiero Sunroof Panel

This panel is designed to replace your glass sunroof panel for when you don't want the sun beating down into your car. It is made using a core mat material with fiberglass on both sides and is the same thickness as the stock glass panel. Top has a gel coat finish that can be painted to match your car. Bottom side can be finished with headliner material to match your existing headliner. This panel can be stored under the hood in the stock storage area when not in use.

This Sunroof Panel comes with a gel coat finish which is ready to be prepped for paint.

***Customer is responsible for supplying their own stock mounting pins and handle. Buyer is responsible for drilling out all hardware mounting holes. Please select from the Drilling Options in the drop down menu if you would like us to do them for you.***